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Data Cleansing services in Nigeria

Teknihub assists you in carrying out complete Data scrubbing services on your data. Data scrubbing makes it possible for you to have data cleansed, validated, enriched and de-duplicated. It takes tremendous effort and experience from us to make this possible.

Data Cleansing
Data cleansing is the process of detecting and correcting or removing corrupt or inaccurate records from a record set, table, or database. It also involves the identifying of incomplete, incorrect, inaccurate or irrelevant parts of the data and then replacing, modifying, or deleting the dirty data.

Data Validation
Here we make sure that data collected is clean, correct and useful data. This is done by making use of routines, often called "validation rules" "validation constraints" or "check routines", that check for correctness, meaningfulness, and security of data that are inputted to the system.

Data Enrichment
Data enrichment enables us to enhance, refine or otherwise improve raw data. This idea and other similar concepts contribute to making data a valuable asset for almost any modern business or enterprise. Here, we make modifications by adding data parameters that makes it easy for good data reporting and analysis.

Data De-duplication
Data deduplication is a technique that helps reduce the amount of storage space a data uses. This is done by identifying duplicate copies of data usually generated when different users save similar data or from multiple files containing similar data.

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It is a privilege handling all you data needs. Speed and accuracy are our strong points. We will keep your records safe with us.

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